Joint Membership

Joint Membership Application Form

This membership application form is for a joint account – one account which is shared between two people. For single account or minor account applications, please return to the membership page and select the appropriate account type from the drop-down menu.

IMPORTANT – please read the Joint Account Warning letter – available here. We will ask you to sign this when you present in branch.

To be eligible to apply for membership, you must live, work or study within our Common Bond areas. Please ensure you share Affinity Credit Union’s common bond before completing this form.

Proof of ID, Proof of Address and Proof of PPSN for each applicant is required, please e-mail copies of these to after submitting this form.

First Named - Applicant's Personal Details

First Named - Employment Details

Second Named - Applicant's Personal Details

Second Named - Employment Details

Relationship between parties

Joint Account Signature Mandate

Both tenants of the joint account will be required to sign for a loan(s).


Account Opening Privacy Notice
Terms & Conditions
By clicking submit below, we hereby apply for membership of and agree to abide by the rules of Affinity Credit Union Ltd., and declare that:

To Note

  • Proof of ID, Proof of Address and Proof of PPSN for each applicant is required, please e-mail copies of these to after submitting this form.
  • Once we have received your supporting documentation and your application has been reviewed, a member of staff will be in contact to arrange a suitable time to visit your local branch to sign the membership forms.
  • You will be asked to lodge a minimum of €10.00 to open the account and maintain this as a minimum balance in the account. We can accept cash, card and cheque payments in branch.
  • If you wish to service your credit union account through a regular electronic transfer from your bank account, please also provide us with your bank account details in advance of visiting our offices.
  • The maximum amount that a member may hold in Affinity Credit Union is €70,000.

Still Have Questions?

Have a question? Check below to see if it is answered in our Frequently Answered Questions.

If you live, work or study within the common bond areas of Affinity Credit Union, you are eligible to join. Persons who are in the same household as someone who is already a member of Affinity Credit Union will also be eligible for membership.

One of the requirements of a credit union is that members have something in common with one another, this is known as a ‘common bond’. Affinity Credit Union operates on a community common bond basis, i.e. those living or working in the same areas may join. The common bond ensures that the savings of members of the community are available to fellow members as loans. The common bond defines the area in which a credit union can operate.

We accept membership applications online for the following account types:

  • If you are 16 years of age or older and wish to open your own single account – click here
  • If you wish to open a minor account (7-15 years of age) – click here
  • If you wish to open an account for a minor (under 7 years of age) – click here (Please note: it is only the parent or legal guardian that can open an account for a minor under 7.)
  • If you wish to open a joint account – click here

If you cannot provide all the documentation required, as stated on the membership page, please contact the credit union on 0818 222 919 or send an e-mail to

Yes! Once your membership is activated, you can apply for a loan.